Mission Statement - "A commitment to maturity by growing in Jesus, ministry by giving like Jesus, and missions by going for Jesus"
Vision Statment - "To experience a spiritual awakening by being like the New Testament book of Acts church in the 21st century"
Sunday 10:30 am - Worship Service
Location: We meet on 66 Third Street, Suite 205, Dover, NH 03820
The Awakening Church, New Hampshire
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Written by Christopher Dubois   
Sunday, 10 May 2009 02:39

     The Awakening Church is a group of sincere Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) who meet together weekly with the main purpose of loving God with all their heart and loving one another. The Awakening Church meets weekly for a Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM on 66 Third Street, Suite 205, in Dover, NH and throughout the week in people's homes. Our purpose in gathering is to worship God, grow up spiritually, and to serve and love one another. The title "the Awakening" is a title we have placed on ourselves to identify our heart and vision - to experience a spiritual awakening in our hearts and lives.

     For those of you who are not Christians, yes we are a church, but do not let the word "church" scare you for we might not be what you think. Maybe you have tried "church" or the "Jesus thing" before, only to be burnt by church or a person who claimed to be a Christian. Or maybe you found a group of people who were hypocritically judgmental, stuck up, religious (in the bad sense of the word), arrogant, insensitive to others, ignorant and sheltered, and rude. Or maybe you were part of a church that was irrelevant and not practical to your life, but out of touch with reality, predictable, and boring. So now the word "church" brings up all these negative thoughts, feelings, wounds, fears, and images. But don't let that stop you from checking out an Awakening Church service for this is not who we are. Although we are not 100% sinlessly perfect, we do try our very best, with God's help, to represent Jesus Christ in all that we do both during the Sunday morning church service and outside of the church service 24/7 with our lives. We are not into hype, putting on a "religious show or performance," and promoting the church, but rather promoting the God and head of the church - Jesus Christ. 

     At the Awakening Church, our first and foremost passion is the Gospel (or good news) of Jesus Christ and His kingdom (His rule and reign), and second people. The Awakening Church is all about relationships, first with our creator God, and second with one another. We do not proclaim religion (in the negative sense of empty rituals and lip service with no heart), but a relationship with Jesus for He is our Lord (or master), Savior, and best friend. And we strive to make a significant positive change in our community, family, church, government, work, in all our relationships, and wherever we go. We do our best, by God's grace, not to be hypocritically judgmental, mean, religious, or arrogant, but instead loving, honest, kind, real (no plastic smiles allowed), and humble. We are also passionate for having exciting services where God manifests His presence and power in real and life changing ways each week, rather than having services that are boring and predictable. So come just as you are and experience, through faith in Jesus, the forgiveness of sins, love, joy, peace, hope, and true meaning found only in Jesus Christ.

     For those who are Christians, we are a church for the spiritually hungry and thirsty. We desire to attract people from various different cultures, races, denominations, and various levels of spiritual maturity who long to go deeper in intimacy with God. Many Christians today realize the sad lukewarm spiritual state of many local churches throughout America and abroad and therefore, have a spiritual dissatisfaction and are longing for something more then they have known and experienced. Here at the Awakening Church, we long to receive so much more that God desires and provided for us to walk in experientially. We long for the very fullness of God and to connect with His heart intimately. We desire to see the ideal of the Scriptures become a practical reality and experience in our lives 24/7. Our vision is to see the New Testament book of Acts church in the 21st century. We are desperate to see another Pentecost-like outpouring of the Holy Spirit as was seen in the book of Acts. Our heart's cry is to experience a spiritual awakening, revival, reformation, renewal, restoration, and revolution that would begin in our hearts in the local church and then spread throughout our community and nation, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. As radical lovers of God (radical in a healthy biblical way that God sees as normal), we want to see a Jesus revolution (not in violence or with arms, but with the Word and prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit) as we take the Gospel to both the lost and the least (the poor and needy). 

     Perhaps you are frustrated with the status quo and much of the American church that has so often preached a watered down, fruitless, spineless, and powerless Gospel, that has compromised with lukewarm and worldly living, and where truth is set aside for entertainment and amusement. If so, then the Awakening Church might just be what you have been praying and looking for. We do not believe the solution in seeing much of the American church spiritually dry is to stop going to a local church (see Hebrews 10:25), but rather to experience church the way God intended biblically as is seen in the New Testament. We see there local churches that loved and feared God, experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit, were connected and united, truly loved and served one another, gave glory to God in all things, ministered to the poor and needy, lifted up Jesus, advanced and manifested the Kingdom of God on earth, were agents of change and healing, displayed God's grace and freedom, were bold in their witness, lived holy lives, and walked in victory and miraculous power. So come out and visit our services (we recommend you visit at least three of our services) and meet our church family. Our style is non-religious, non-hyped (but passionate), and real/authentic. At the Awakening Church you will hear the whole counsel of God's word preached with anointing, power, and conviction, find the Holy Spirit moving freely, passionate praise and worship, all the gifts of the Spirit encouraged and exercised, one big loving family (all ages are welcomed) that truly loves and connects with one another (where no one stands alone), the name of Jesus lifted up, and God's supernatural power in operation! We look forward to seeing you and hope you find a group of ordinary people who truly love an extraordinary God and one another (if you need to contact Pastor Chris, please call his cell phone number at (603) 866-1579 - thank you).

Chris, Nicole, Josiah and Jonathan Dubois

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Written by Christopher Dubois   
Sunday, 17 May 2009 15:31
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